3 Years of Partnership. $7.6M in Email Revenue.
Discover how our strategies helped this automotive brand grow to profitable 8 figures.
Brand info
Niche: automotive
Size: 20MM - 40MM
In early 2021, this brand approached us with minimal email marketing infrastructure in place. Their efforts to generate revenue through email and foster repeat purchases faced challenges, partly stemming from the unique dynamics of their business and the overwhelming dominance of their flagship product, which overshadowed opportunities for cross-selling.
To address these challenges, our team developed a comprehensive retention marketing strategy which included:
— lifecycle email flows to engage customers at crucial touchpoints
— zero-party data collection to gather valuable insights directly from customers
— opt-in forms and pop-ups to continuously grow their email list
— anonymous visitors email capturing (special thanks to Retention.Com)
— advanced segmentation to deliver relevant content
— a calendar of email marketing campaigns to keep the list engaged and generate revenue
Biggest wins
— More than $7.6M email revenue generated
— Returning customer rate has grown from 1.46% to 14.27%
— More than 600k new email subscribers added
Email examples
Note from the team
We are very proud that we have been working as a dedicated retention marketing team for this brand for over 3 years now. It has been an absolute pleasure to contribute to their journey and witness their ascent to an 8-figure brand.
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